Are Your Kids Playing Too Much ‘Among Us?’ Here’s What You Need to Know

 You must have come across every kid’s current favorite game, ‘Among Us.’ Therefore, if you’re a parent, you’re probably worried about why your kids cannot take their eyes off the screen.

Among Us is a social deduction game that has different sets of maps. The players run around a map while competing for the tasks to win. While crew members try to find the imposters. The imposters, on the other hand, plot to kill without getting caught.

Though the game has an ‘E’ rating and is safe to play for gamers above ten, a lot of negative content can crawl and make its way in. Therefore, here’s a guide for all the parents to ensure that your kids play safe and have a great experience with Among Us.

Kick Players Out of the Game

Playing ‘Among Us’ with strangers is a part of the game. Thus, if you’re hosting, someone might make its way to your lobby. These players can also include Trolls who might behave inappropriately. Though the game doesn’t include a voice chat feature, exchanging texts is possible.

In case, some Troll enters your game and say unsuitable things or cheat, here are the steps to ban the player from entering:

  1. Press the ‘Text’ icon in the top-right corner of the window to open the text chat.
  2. Locate the ‘Boot’ button and click on the same.
  3. A pop-up menu will open. Select the ‘Kick or ban any player’ option.

Notably, you’ll have to get other players to ban as well so that the host doesn’t do it all the time as per their convenience.

Censor Chat

Conducting discussions with the team members is an important part of the game. Therefore, ‘Among Us’ lets you chat in the game. Players can type anything and send it to convey to others.

Sometimes, someone may write inappropriate words while sending a text. Fortunately, such words get censored automatically. However, some words that are not inappropriate might get caught in the word filter, and to keep the same from happening, you can deactivate the censor.

To do the same, look for the ‘Options’ button in the lobby or the main menu, and tap on the ‘Censor Chat’ button.

Play with Familiar People

You have the option to only play with familiar people, including friends and family. Therefore, to do the same, set up a lobby. By doing this, the game automatically sets the lobby as private. Further, a lobby code will be generated, and your friends can join in the game only using that code.

Setting up a private lobby makes sure that no stranger enters the game. However, if you want to switch back and allow others to join the game, tap on the ‘Private to Public’ button in the bottom-left corner.

Among Us is a safe game in all the other ways. Those mentioned above are a few things you can take care of while letting your kids enjoy the game. If you’re still worried, join in and play to get a closer experience.