Boruto: Konohamaru’s Big Mistake

 Konohamaru has been very clear about his goal of following Naruto’s footsteps, whom he considers his ideal. He wants to become a Hokage, just like Naruto. Fortunately for him, he was lucky enough to be mentored by his hero, which has helped him live up to his potential. He has worked hard over the years and has become one of the best ninjas in Konoha. However, in the recent episode, the viewers witnessed why Konohamaru is not as successful as his mentor and ideal despite being so talented. In Episode 175 of Boruto, he did something that might undo what the alliance and Naruto have done together since the Kaguya war ended.

Victor, along with the Kara outer, was putting Konohamaru under pressure when they unleashed a barrage of attacks. He has never seen someone this good since the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, his grandfather. However, he was lucky since Orochimaru joined in to fight Victor alongside him. Although, it turns out that the Snake ninja was only there to procure the Hashirama Cell and not to protect Konohamaru. 

The battle is very tense, but eventually, Orochimaru and Konohamaru emerge victorious. Orochimaru procures the God Tree Clone and burns down the entire tree using his four snakes. However, when he tells Konohamaru to look after Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki, he leaves to help them fight against the cannibalistic Deepa for some strange reason. It might be a huge mistake that can have disastrous consequences in the future. Orochimaru can use the tree to extract pieces of experimentation when no one is around. So, Konohamaru should have stayed with him. 

Everyone knows that Orochimaru has been obsessed with creating Hashirama to use the genetics for his clones. If he succeeds, it would be almost impossible to defeat him. Naruto had Yamato and Co. Monitor the snake ninja precisely for this reason, because he can’t be trusted. The DNA that is the foundation of the God Tree is something that the snake ninja has been looking for, and Konohamaru has been told about this, but he has acted so casually despite that. Even though he was young when the Kaguya war happened, he is well aware of the reasons that caused it. So, it is evident that leaving Orochimaru with the potential weapon of mass destruction can ultimately result in the entire planet’s enslavement. 

The tree can also be used to make Ten-Tails, and it can pull the Tailed-Beasts from hosts, which means that it can be used against Naruto and Sasuke. Then there is also the danger of Kaguya experiments, which includes cloning. Orochimaru’s demeanor and his glances point to the possibility that he might have already recovered the bits and pieces for any of the mentioned possibilities. It remains to be seen how much Konohamaru’s rookie mistake will cost the people of the village. It is sad to see someone who is so talented end up making such big mistakes even though by this time he should have matured enough to become a responsible and dependable shinobi that the people can trust.