How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

 Text messages inbox doesn’t create any major problem, but having a bulky message list can cause insufficient storage. iPhone allows its users to save their text messages on the iCloud drive to keep their device’s storage free. People who have been using an iPhone for a long time must have faced insufficient storage problems, and it can happen in several ways. 

Usually, people don’t look into their text messages section about how much storage it is consuming. When there are tons of messages in the Messages app, the best thing a user needs to do is save it in the iCloud drive. It is the best way to keep the messages secure and to keep the device’s storage free. There’s a special feature that iPhone users can get is to recover their lost messages as well.

Messages app deletes older messages after a certain time, and if any useful message also gets deleted during the procedure, luckily iPhone users can recover it. So if anyone is willing to know the procedure for recovering the text messages, here is what they should do.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iCloud Backup

Whenever using an iPhone, make sure to keep the Backup Device option on. It automatically saves important files and photos in the iCloud drive, which can be recovered anytime. So if this feature is turned on, here’s how you can recover your lost text messages.

  • Launch Settings from Home screen.
  • Click on your Apple Account.
  • Scroll down and choose iCloud>Manage storage>Backups.
  • A list of Backups will appear in which you will have to verify if your device’s backup is available.
  • Now remove your Apple account from the device and Login again to sync the backup in the device.
  • Or you can factory reset your device and before setting up the device completely, choose the backup file that has the lost messages.
  • It will take some time to recover the data, so wait for a while and complete the set up once the data is retrieved.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages Without Reset

If anyone doesn’t want to reset their device, they can still recover their lost messages with fewer efforts. So here is what you have to do to recover the lost messages.

  • Log in to your Apple or iCloud account on your iPhone.
  • Open the Messages app to check if any message has recovered.
  • Now open Settings and tap on your iCloud account.
  • Make sure to Toggle Off the Messages.
  • Choose Keep on My iPhone on the pop-up screen.
  • Now toggle On the Messages.
  • Click Merge text and wait for a few seconds to recover the old messages on iPhone.

How to Recover Deleted Texts Using iTunes Backup

Apart from the factory reset and iCloud recovery, there’s another great way to recover lost messages. In the following procedure, users must have iTunes on their Mac or Windows computer. Before starting the process, make sure to take the total backup of your iPhone because it overwrites the previous data on the current data.

  • Connect iPhone with Mac or Windows computer using the lightning cable.
  • Run iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • On the upper left corner, a mobile-connected icon will appear.
  • Click on the Mobile icon.
  • Choose Backup device to take the full backup of your iPhone.
  • Click Restore Backup and choose the old backup file and restore it to your device.

It will take some time to recover the data and replace the current data from the previous one.


Restoring data and taking backup of the complete iPhone is nowhere tough. A user needs to remember when they created the backup and which backup they have to recover. Once the backup is restored in the device, the user will get every file, photos, lost messages, and even saved passwords.